Introduction to What Follows

These pictures originated during 113 hours in Reykjavik, Iceland. Upon returning home, I spent seven weeks finishing, assembling, organizing, and deliberating over them. This is the result of that effort, yet it is not all—I still have 57 pictures that I consider my finest and have set aside—and I am not really certain why, except that I want more time to enjoy them privately. These pictures are now posted in a separate section at the end of the blog.

In the meantime, this blog is for all those who wonder and want to know, and see.

Now, before you say that you are not interested in this 'second rate' stuff, remember that you bring a completely different set of life experiences to bear, so your responses to any given image will very rarely be the same as mine.

Look—but look slowly—rewards can be found in the smallest, and quietest, of places.

And remember:

Assuming that my pictures are documents or records of anything, because they appear to be photographs, is just lazy thinking and you should stop it.